Tungsten carbide plates specifications

Tungsten Carbide Plates Picture

By special processing, produce hot-rolling and cooling products with high quality tungsten slabs, such as tungsten electrode plate, heater, heat-shield and tungsten boats etc, which are used in electronics, electronic-vacuum and illumination, etc.

Owning two hot rolling machine and five cold rolling machines ,we can supply tungsten carbide plates thickness of 0.05mm to 20mm. With very good performance, these products are used to produce electrode , heater ,heat-shield,sputter target, crucible in electronic, vacuum furnace application. Chinatungsten Online can offer various specifications to meet different requirement. Clients' designs are also welcomed.

Frequently use the following tungsten carbide plates specifications:

Thickness Width Length
1.5-2.0 150 200
2.0-3.0 200 250
3.0-4.0 250 600
4.0-6.0 300 600
6.0-8.0 300 800
8.0-10.0 300 750
10.0-14.0 200 650
>14.0 200 500