Tungsten Steel Plates

Tungsten Carbide Plates Picture

Tungsten steel plates because of its rectangular shape of the plate (or box) named, mainly by WC Co cobalt or tungsten carbide and other powder metallurgy method adopted by mixing flour, milling, pressing, sintering, different uses of Tungsten steel plates in the content of each component are not consistent, the use of a very wide range.

Tungsten steel plates with excellent by rigid, high hardness, wear resistance, good high elastic modulus, high compressive strength, chemical stability (acid, alkali, high temperature oxidation), the impact of low toughness, low coefficient of expansion, thermal conductive alloy with iron and characteristics similar. Tungsten steel plates are mainly used in the production of punching copper, aluminum, stainless steel, cold rolled sheet, EI piece, Q195, SPCC, silicon, metal parts, standard parts, the upper and lower red top sheet of high-speed die and multi-position progressive die. Is the production of high temperature parts, wear parts, anti-shielding parts, corrosion-resistant material with excellent parts.

Applications Category Typical products
Tungsten steel mold class 1. metal processing by Die
2. multi-position progressive die
Tungsten steel blades class 1. woodworking blade
2. metal processing non-standard tungsten steel blades, knives
Tungsten steel wear-resistant
high-temperature parts category
1. wear parts on machinery products
2.the chemical industry high temperature corrosion-resistant parts
Ordinary tungsten steel plates 1. radiation shielding electronic devices on board
2.anti-theft reinforcement plate on the bank teller