Tungsten carbide plates features

Tungsten Carbide Plates Picture

Chinatungsten Online can be produced and supplied with high hardness, good wear resistance, strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent performance of a series of carbide plate, in particular its high hardness and wear resistance, even if the temperature at 500 degrees also essentially unchanged.

1: excellent thermal stability and high temperature resistance to deformation.
2: In the high temperature mechanical and high temperature.
3: The good thermal shock resistance.
4: High thermal conductivity.
5: Excellent oxidation control.
6: In the high-temperature corrosion resistance.
7: excellent corrosion resistance against chemicals.
8: High wear resistance.
9: long life.

Why did you choose Chinatungsten online?

1. Made from 100% pure raw materials;
2. With advanced production equipment and production technology;
3. All products through the process and final inspection;
4. It offers free online technical services;
5. A stable and continuous production capacity.